• Chronological registration based on primary documents
  • Fulfilling reception notes and finding differences
  • Preparing sales and purchasing logs
  • Preparing the journal-log
  • Filling up the receipts, checks, payment orders, payment cards
  • Drawing up the payment states and calculating contributions
  • Completing the general register of employees’ records and sending it to ITM
  • Communicating the amount of income tax and the taxes related to wages. We are also communicating the profit tax, micro-enterprise income tax and VAT
  • Drawing up the checking balance
  • Fulfilling and recording monthly/quarterly/semester/yearly statements
  • Certification of financial statements
  • Support related to the fiancial and accounting laws, related to your business
  • Assistance and representation in front of tax controls
  • Adjusting or tracking the financial evidence
  • Getting tax attestation certificates
  • Reviewing the accounting evidence

Good accounting will provide more than order in tax documents and fulfillment of obligations to the State Institutions: will identify and apply the best solutions for each individual client and, especially, will constantly provide including financial accounting services, management and Preventive accounting consultancy so that the best measures can be taken at the right time and the benefits can be maximized.

*The accounting services for the newly established companies in the first month are free.

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